We Provide 'Cutting Edge' Surveys, Mapping, and Modelling Using Years of Knowhow, and the best Delivery Systems Available on the market today.

Whether you work in Construction or Quarrying we have the experience and knowhow to drive down your costs, and help to improve your working practises, boosting communication between your teams. Reducing mistakes, removing conflicts, and increasing visibility.

Survey and map your sites faster than ever before with 1 - 3cm accuracy, and have full data delivery in 48 Hours. Through using our delivery systems in your project planning and execution phases, you're not just staying ahead of the curve...

... You're Redefining It!

What Are We About?

Drones are making a large and positive impact in the construction, quarrying, and facilities management sectors, however we have identified that the delivery and usefulness of data collected remains slow, clunky, and nowhere near as useful as it could be. The use of drones to the most part is benefiting the surveyor, and the possible benefits are being hidden or withheld from you. 

Have you ever wondered why when the technology has advanced to collecting millions of points of data you are still presented with the same lines on a page?  Or if you are given three dimensional representations, they are pretty to look at and yet not in the slightest bit functional or useful?

Here at UAV Surveys we have wrestled with the status Quo and we believe we have come up with the near perfect solution.  Through our delivery system you can measure anything you can see, from distance, and height through to complicated Cut & Fill and volumetrics.  You can compare survey to survey data, as well as uploading your own designs and plans to measure the current landscape against them.  All of this done with interactive models and accuracy of between 1 and 3cm.  Surveys are delivered, and shared online, and all data is downloadable for internal uses.  

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‘Time is money’ and through UAV Surveys & Information you can make massive savings on both.  Book a survey and be working with 1-3cm data in days, not weeks. over 300 acres can be mapped in a day, and delivered in 48 hours

Through cutting edge survey delivery you sites become more visible, and a greater understanding of every aspect can be obtained with a delivery so simple, your grandmother could use it. 

We have proved over and over again, that with the correct delivery tools, teams communicate better, and through the loss of ambiguity in communication, comes efficiency, and greater understanding of your projects and workflows.

UAV Surveys and Information has a history of collaboration with its clients.  Large or small we know how to deliver results that make huge differences to your productivity, capability, and help deliver your projects on time, every time. 

Safe, Legal, & Fully Qualified

UAV Surveys & Information services the whole of England and Wales, and suggests that’s its delivery system is most useful if surveys are carried out Quarterly as a minimum.   We only us fully qualified Drone Pilots with the proper CAA acreditations to their name, and full risk assessments and record keeping of their work with you is properly administered as per UK Drone Laws.  

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Questions & Answers

Drone surveying involves using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with sensors to collect data over specific areas. This data can be used for mapping, inspection, and monitoring of construction sites, quarries, and infrastructure projects, providing detailed insights efficiently and safely.

Drone surveys can achieve high levels of accuracy, often within a few centimetres, depending on the equipment used and environmental conditions. Accuracy is enhanced by using high-resolution cameras, precise sensors, and ground control points.

Yes, drones are particularly effective for surveying large or difficult-to-access areas. They can cover extensive ground quickly, making them ideal for projects like quarrying and large-scale construction, where timely data is crucial for decision-making.

Drones can capture a wide range of data types, including high-resolution photographs, thermal images, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data, and multispectral imagery. This data supports various applications, from volumetric measurements in quarries to structural inspections in construction and infrastructure.

Drone surveying minimizes the need for personnel to physically access potentially dangerous or difficult terrain, reducing the risk of accidents. It’s particularly beneficial in environments like active quarries, high-rise construction sites, and areas requiring infrastructure inspection.

While the initial investment in drone technology can be significant, drone surveying often leads to cost savings over time. By providing precise data quickly, it reduces the need for repeated site visits and accelerates decision-making processes, ultimately saving money.

Legal requirements vary by country and region but generally include obtaining the necessary licenses or certifications for commercial drone operations, respecting privacy laws, and adhering to specific flight restrictions. Professional drone surveying services ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.

The duration of a drone survey depends on the size and complexity of the project area. However, drones can typically survey areas much faster than traditional methods, with data available shortly after collection.

Yes, drone data complements traditional surveying techniques and can be integrated with other data sources for comprehensive analysis. This integration supports a holistic approach to project planning, execution, and monitoring.

When selecting a drone surveying service, consider their experience, expertise, and the technology they use. Look for services with a proven track record in your industry, and ensure they comply with all legal requirements for drone operations.

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