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Put simply drone roof inspection means no scaffold, no manpower Health and safety issues, and a record that can be used to cover your insurance needs, and ends poor and inflated maintenance quotations.

Our skilled team of operatives will fly a comprehensive grid over your building(s) with a sizeable overlap between images, and accurately Geo-tagged.  These photos are then stitched together into an incredibly large, and highly detailed image.  This gives you an accurate representation of your roof in both orthomosaic form (Flat 2D image) and a 3 dimensional Point cloud and textured model. 

We offer a secured sign in to our website portal where you will find your property portfolio listing along with the dated roof inspections.  You can take an interactive look at your roof, view the images used to create the model, and print a report for your insurance and maintenance record.  Add members of your team to your account,  pass notes and annotations through the portal.

  • High detail re usable and shareable maps of your roofs.
  • High accuracy with easy access to areas of interest.
  • No need for workmen to gain access to your roof purely for inspection.
  • Low to no disruption to every day activity whilst survey being conducted.
  • Fast service with full analysis being made available within 48 Hours.
  • Easily Repeatable…  Once we have surveyed a property once setup for annual or six monthly checks is made quick and painless. 
  • Cheap, when put against scaffold, or two man teams.  
  • Quick, A roof often takes less than 4 hours to survey in detail.


All Aspects of our roof inspection are fast. No waiting for site setup or scaffold. We can deploy, survey, and deliver the results incredibly quickly.


Nothing is left to chance with our roof Inspections. Risk assessments are made and passed before any flight and we have 5m public liability insurance.

Real Value

Compared to arranging teams of people, or scaffolding our UAV solutions offer amazing value through competitive pricing.


Annual inspection is required of roofs for your entire portfolio. We can cover a number of properties in a day (depending on geography)

Visual Proof

We provide a platform for your portfolio where you can view your roofs in 3 dimensions, and print reports for your insurance and maintenance record.

Why a Roof Survey?

In recent years insurance companies have tightened their regulatory stand point and a commercial building’s roof needs to be checked (surveyed) at least once a year for damage. Many insurance claims for structural failings have been rejected as the facilities company can’t prove their roof has been checked with regularity.

Roofing companies will regularly quote for worst case scenarios regardless of how minor the work. This can lead to inflated costs based on the undefined nature of the quote.  With our surveys in hand, quote figures and real term costs will fall dramatically, owing to task specific quotes being requested.

Drones allow for simple and straight forward surveys, even in the most inaccessible and sensitive areas with no risk to human life.

Why use Drone Technology?

The recent developments in UAV systems (Drones) ramps up the usefulness of multiple geo-referenced images. When stitched together (photgrammetry) they give a highly accurate, unfettered view of a roof or building. 

This data allows you to see every part of your facility, allowing you to make clear and concise decisions when it comes to maintenance. Outputs are made in both 2D and 3D formats, so it is quick to orientate the 3D model or see close up detail of the roof environment.

How We Work?

We are an authorised UAV operator through the CAA (Civilian Air Authority) in the UK, and will only use CAA accredited Pilots (PfCO).  We have our own comprehensive Public Liability Insurance which gives our clients peace of mind.


Prior to Flight

Before we undertake any work, the site address will be fully assessed covering all aspects including airspace, ground space and full risk assessment.


During the Flight.

We will be taking hundreds of photos which are all geo-referenced, and of high resolution. These will be processed once the flight is completed.


Data Delivery.

We process all the photos taken ensuring extremely high resolution output. We provide 3D Models, point clouds and an orthomosiac image to you through our web portal system.


Images of each roof survey are presented for easy access. You can view the scrolling imagery to gain insight, and then use the photos to isolate any areas of interest. 3 Dimensional models are given in the form of point clouds and textured models.

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