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We are revolutionising Quarry Operations, and profitability.

Surveying is an irreplaceable part of the aggregates industry, but it can be time consuming, costly, and sluggish, and, depending on your operations, Infrequent. You need to have the ability to manage your stockpile volumes, see progress and productivity, whilst conforming to your design.

Drone survey is already cheaper than traditional methods, giving up to 50% cost saving. However, with our pricing structures for re-visitation and some sensible placement of our Ground Control Points the price is driven down further still.  Add these factors to the 90% saving in time for delivery, analysis, and planning, it becomes clear just how valuable a UAV Surveys solution really is.

The following is why you may wish to consider working with us on your quarry, or quarries 

     •   Know the status of your quarry

     •   Manage your stockpile volumes accurately and efficiently

     •   Avoid environmental fines

     •   Track progress against design

      •   Ensure safety on your quarry

     •   Keep your road grades consistent

     •   Work and plan with confidence

View Your entire site in top down high definition. Scroll in and pan around to see whats happening. Scroll sideways to see the site as you have never been able to before.

Know the Status of your Quarry

Accessed from the browser on your devices, the UAV Surveys Platform uses photogrammetry methods and our know-how to stitch the images together. This involves pinning the images to the ground control positions, and getting powerful machines and data experts to process all the raw photographs, find overlaps and common points in images, and make a 3D reconstruction of the terrain.

We also offer stand-alone raw point cloud, 3d models, or geo-referenced authomosiac images without the use of our online portal. 


See how much has been extracted and what’s left to do

Using our easy-to-navigate interface takes minutes to master.  You can check stockpile volumes in seconds and then track changes over time with our reports and time line features. Similarly, pit volumes are quick and simple to complete. With additional included calculators, you can take the guesswork out of tonnage measurements, and therefore the value of your stockyard.

A comparison between one month and the next. Heat maps show exactly how much has been moved, and from where.

Monitor quarry productivity and quality

knowing how you’re faring against design is a big focus. The UAV Surveys platform allows for uploads of design surfaces. This gives you an overlay on the 3D site survey, which instantly highlights how your quarry is progressing. It takes the guesswork and abstraction out of the process, and lets you have a visual conversation with your team and organisation.

The ease of surveying with an unmanned autonomous vehicle (UAV) allows for more frequent surveys. Quickly calculating accurate volumes with our platform increases processing plant management with more consistent grades going into the crusher and overall increased accuracy and safety.

We understand waste dump surveys can also be difficult. It’s nearly impossible to send someone out to walk those piles, but with drone surveying you can capture the data you need in hours not days.

Once we have the imagery needed, we start processing it immediately. forty-eight hours later, your survey is rendered and you can begin measuring stockpile volumes in a few clicks, and measuring road grades with an easy to understand colourised slope map. To get a better idea of overall progress, just upload your design surface and compare with the 3D survey, right there in your browser.

Manage your stockpile volumes accurately and efficiently

When it comes to the material itself, you have layers and layers of oversight to make sure the quarry is running smoothly. For stockpile volumes, the ease of surveying with a drone and calculating volumes with the UAV Surveys Platform allows for more frequent flights, which means better stockyard management and more consistent grades through the crusher.

Overall, coupling the data and reporting with the ease of sharing said data can reduce contractor disputes. Transparency increases and everyone is working from the same information. They have a single source of truth they all can trust.

As for in-pit mapping, drone surveys capture the pit floor (along with the rest of your site) every flight. You can use the inspection tool to view each high resolution drone captured image individually all from the comfort and safety of your office.

Avoid environmental Issues

Environmental regulations are a regular part of the aggregates industry. Whether it’s checking runoff after a large rainfall or waste dump conformance, keeping everything to regulation is a regular part of the working week.

While your quarry is still operational, you need to keep tabs on your site boundaries and no-go zones to avoid any fines associated with failed inspections or violations. In addition to the benefits delivered with more frequent surveys and a visual 3D interface, you can mark off protected areas on your site and share those with your team. This gets everyone on the same page and highlights exactly where they need to be cautious, or not enter at all.

Track progress Against design

Regularly tracking your quarry’s overall progress against design goes a long
way towards efficiency, but it’s difficult to generate those comparisons quickly with traditional methods. Spotting a problem before it becomes expensive is ideal, but is not typically a part of the status quo. UAV Surveys is changing that.

With UAV Surveys, you can have an unlimited number of view-only users and a designated number of admins all working off the same, up-to-date information. Uploaded design surfaces can be viewed at any time against any
survey captured for that site. You can then export 3D DXF and point cloud files to use for updating pit and waste dump designs whenever you want.

Upload and attach your DXF surface files and monitor work against it's design. In this case projecting plans as much as 7 years into the future.

Ensure safety on your quarry

The first priority on any quarry is safety. From everyday safety plans to inspections to traffic management, safety is in everything you do. However, these things take time and resources to get right, and they are mandatory. Our online Platform allows you to trim time from these tasks, thanks to the easy to navigate and shareable 3D survey. Because the surveys are accurate and up-to-date, the need for in-person inspections are decreased, or sometimes eliminated all together.

You can quickly measure haul roads to ensure they meet safety standards for both grades and windrow heights. Inspections no longer have to be done in
person. For example, you could provide the inspector with view-only access, and he could visually inspect your site from miles away on any browser-enabled device. Again, these images are high-resolution and shareable.

Keep your road grades consistent

Collaboration and reporting should be painless, though it’s often anything but. Collaboration challenges (internal and external} span the entire life of any quarry. At each stage, ensuring the right parties have the right information to understand a project’s needs and complete their work on time, on budget, and to specification is critical to success. You and your team need to be able to check if estimates are correct, see overall progress, and ensure the right grades are going into your mill throughout the lifetime of the quarry.

Because the UAV Surveys’ Platform is a browser based tool, anyone with an internet browser can use it without installing complicated programs. Internal and external collaboration is made easy.

It’s simple to let personnel back at the main office see the same information and share measurements and notes with the whole organisation. Everyone can upload drone survey data from wherever they are.

Our service offering is not limited to a single quarry. The Platform itself can give you an overall view of multiple sites, allowing for greater insight into each, while significantly reducing the need for site visits.

measure your gradients, berms, and so much more with a few clicks of your mouse.

Work and plan with confidence

Measuring and managing your quarry with drone data analytics saves on time and money, and prevents mistakes and rework.

As we’ve seen, the UAV Surveys online platform gives you the power to see the status of your quarry in minutes, measure stockpile volumes with a few
clicks, ensure the best haul road grades for your machines, and, with rock solid data and a timeline for the life of your site, resolve disputes should they

Furthermore, you can streamline workflows related to safety and inspections, collaboration and planning, and day-to-day operations all from your browser. Cut down on commute time and cost by having a recent visual of your quarry with you wherever you are.

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